Genealogy and Y-DNA Reports

Below are links to two reports and a chart which follow the Ipswich Bennett genealogy “paper trail” of our matching participants. This information is provided in order to  help others “connect” their own family trees to ours. If  you think you may have common ancestry with this Bennett family, please let us know.

  • The Eight Generation Descendant Register begins with immigrant ancestor, Henry Bennett of Ipswich, and shows eight generations of his descendants, plus the children of the 9th generation. This report is limited to 9 generations, in order to protect the privacy of living Bennett descendants. This report links Henry Bennett to the group of Bennetts who have confirmed Y-DNA matches with each other.  Sources are listed after the report and notes identify the connecting lines of descent. Other sources and lengthy notes have been left out of the report, but are available on request. Further information is available by email, using the “Contact Us” link, above.
  • The Ipswich Bennett Y-DNA Data shows the 37 marker or 67 marker Y-DNA results of our 17 matching participants  in a color chart presentation. Note that two participants have other surnames. Big Y-DNA testing has split these participants into their own haplogroups, indicating a common ancestor several hundred years earlier than the Bennetts.
  • The Descendant Chart shows the line of descent, by generation, from Henry Bennett down to each test participant.

As with any genealogy reports, this data is only as accurate as our current knowledge. Most is confirmed by reliable sources, but parts are not; so please remember to check your own sources. We are glad to share our source information with other family researchers. We hope the reader will find useful information for their own family research, and also that readers will let us know if they note errors or omissions. We will appreciate knowing of any other confirmed or potential descendants of Henry Bennett of Ipswich, too.

Bennett Births in Massachusetts-Prior to 1850

As a byproduct of our research, we have transcribed 1,236 Bennett Births into an easy to read spreadsheet, with tabs, sorted by Town, First Name, Birth Date, and by Parents Name.  This database was gleaned from the “Tan Book” series of books compiled from Massachusetts vital records prior to 1850. It includes birth date, birthplace, parents, the reference and page number of the source information. You can find this information, by searching each  of the 200 or so books, but as far as we know, this is the only such compilation at one source.  Please download our Bennett Births in Massachusetts Prior to 1850 database in Excel format.